Environmental Division Manager

Position: Environmental Division Manager

Reports to:     President and Sr. V.P. of Strategy of Project Development

Job Summary:

This is a Senior Professional Position responsible for Environmental Services at Sebago Technics, Inc.  Environmental Services include Natural Resources Mapping, Septic System Design, Soils Evaluations, Vernal Pool Mapping, and Natural Resources Permitting.  While not mandatory, knowledge in Environmental Site Assessments is beneficial. 

The position requires coordination and oversight of all-Natural Resources services, overseeing environmental staff, coordination with company Project Managers and staff, develop and monitoring project schedules and budgets.  The position also requires a fully competent professional in all aspects of Natural Resources planning and permitting.  The position requires the ability to conduct, coordinate, supervise, and review work requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, adaptation, and modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. 

Applies intensive and diversified knowledge of Natural Resources and practices in broad areas of assignments and related fields.  Requires problem-solving skills and proven knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations. Devises new approaches to problems encountered.  The expertise for this position is from progressive experience.  Position requirements:

  • Oversee, schedule, and coordinate Natural Resources staff on assigned projects.
  • Provide technical guidance and training to Natural Resources staff.
  • Develop quality assurance/control practices and conduct project reviews.
  • Prepare proposals, budgets, negotiations, and marketing Natural Resources, Septic Design, and soil evaluation services.
  • Ability to complete field and office work in support of the Environmental Services and to mentor and train staff Environmental personnel.
  • Plan and coordinate work with clients, sub-consultants, and contractors.
  • Develop and monitor project schedules and budgets.
  • Make decisions independently and in consultation with Natural Resources staff, Project Managers, VP’s and President.
  • Represent the firm in public forums and presentations.
  • Develop a business plan for strategic staff hiring and future growth of the Environmental Services.   Report quarterly to the President and Sr. V.P. of Strategy and Client Development.  Update business plan and modify over time responsive to the overall Sebago Strategic Plan.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. General
  • In a supervisory capacity, plans, develops, coordinates, and directs Natural Resources in support of land development projects or as a separate Natural Resources project.  Work will involve a variety of projects with many complex features.
  • Complete technical reviews of all work produced by Natural Resources staff.
  • Develop and review reports, plans, and supporting technical evaluations.  Prepare and review the regulatory license and permit applications.
  • Conduct individual research to carry out complex or unusual assignments using new or improved techniques and procedures. 
  • Provide mentoring and serve as staff advisor.
  • Coordinate with regulatory agencies.
  • Set up annual in-house educational training and meetings with USACE and Maine DEP.
  • Prepare technical scope and budget of proposals for new work.  Coordinate with marketing staff to develop resumes, project profiles, and other proposal materials.
  • Possess knowledge of conventional civil/site design elements and permitting.
  • Able to identify the need for specialty in-house or sub-consultant services needed to meet project objectives.
  • Knowledge of client standards and policies, schedule requirements, and available company resources.
  • Knowledge of State and municipal regulations and design standards (NRPA, SLODA, USACE Maine General Permit, Maine State Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules, and Municipal permitting process).
  • Good written and organizational skills
  • Basic knowledge of AutoCAD and GIS.
  • Knowledge of Word and Excel software.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Ability to work cooperatively.

    2. Knowledge of Project Objectives
  • Monitor project schedules and budgets to accomplish the entire project per contract.
  • Communicate routinely with Environmental staff and Project Managers on the status of project schedules and environmental budgets.
  • Understand special requirements for a particular project, such as deadlines, special standards, environmental issues, permitting requirements, confidentiality, etc.
  • Understand the level of detail required and the extent of research needed to satisfy project objectives.
  • Understand the Natural Resources needs and timing in support of projects.

    3. Client Contact
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with clients (internal and external as it relates to environmental aspects of a project).
  • Professionally represent the firm when dealing with the public, review agencies, and clients.
  • Make technical presentations to clients, regulatory agencies, and public meetings.
  • Coordinate projects with regulatory agencies, municipal staff, utility representatives, and others.
  • Researches and seeks potential new client contacts and leads for new work opportunities. 
  • Attend interviews and make presentations to potential clients.

    4. Training and Continuing Education
  • Keep up to date with technological advancements or new methods by reading technical journals, participating in technical associations, attending short courses and seminars, and taking additional evening coursework periodically.
  • Advance skills Natural Resources (field, office, technical writing, and permitting).
  • Advance skill in Subsurface Wastewater Disposal design.
  • Learn new software applications as required.
  • Advanced communication skills (technical writing, oral presentations, and public meetings)

    5. Record Keeping
  • Keep and monitor accurate records of time spent and tasks performed on timesheets and expense forms.
  • Monitor project expenditures relative to budgets.
  • Prepare monthly invoices consistent with contractual obligations.
  • Keep and monitor full documentation of telephone and e-mail correspondence with vendors, review agencies, clients, and anyone involved with project tasks and assignments
  • Ensure proper documentation of all computations and reference material are maintained, both electronically and hard copy.
  • Oversee filing systems, procedures, and storage locations such that all necessary documents can easily be accessed by others, both in hard copy and electronically

    6. Personnel
  • Oversee Environmental Staff.
  • Participate in interviews of new Environmental staff.
  • Assist with orientation and training of new personnel.
  • Coordinate annual goal setting for all Environmental staff.
  • Establish training for Environmental staff.

    7. Professional Responsibilities and Liabilities
  • Keep up to date on Environmental practices and regulations
  • Prepare contracts in conformance with Company policy, and have all contracts reviewed by a principal.
  • Direct and coordinate environmental work to manage liabilities to Sebago Technics.
  • Represent the company in a Professional and Knowledgeable manner.


Experience:     10 years minimum

Education:       Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Science, Geology or Environmental Engineering, or Related Field

Professional Registration:       Preference will be given to candidates with the following:  P.E., C.G., USACE Wetland Training, Maine Licensed Site Evaluator, and/or Maine Licensed Soils Scientist.

Professional Activities:           Member or equivalent grade in professional/technical society.

Great opportunity to work on a diverse array of projects and be an integral part of our employee-owned company. We offer an excellent work environment, competitive salaries, and great benefits. We work hard at providing opportunities for professional and personal growth while working for our collective success.

Interested individuals can submit a cover letter and resume to Mark Adams, President/CEO, c/o Gina Austin, Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator using the form on this page.

Sebago Technics is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

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