Bangor International Airport

The Bangor International Airport, though small, serves as the leader in Trans-Atlantic Technical stops. The airport management felt it was necessary to upgrade and/or change some areas. These areas amounted to roughly 54 acres of airport infrastructure. Jacobs Aviation was retained by the airport to develop the plans for these changes.

Jacobs knew they needed very detailed information in areas likely to have airplane movement and they contacted Sebago Technics for solutions. High Definition Laser Scanning (HDS) provided the only feasible solution for the needs of the Airport and Jacobs. During the course of the field survey, there was no disruption of aviation traffic.

From the completed point cloud, Sebago was able to identify and map edges of hard surfaces including the expansion joints of the concrete within the tarmac, taxi and plane holding areas. Aviation lighting, surface utility structures, identifying paint marks and even the recessed plane tie-down anchors were visible within the scan and mapped. The HDS solution provided Jacobs with all the necessary field data cost-effectively and without airport disruption.

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Project Details

Bangor International Airport
Bangor, ME
Project Size:
54 acres of airport infrastructure
Jacobs Aviation