Traffic Signal Performance Measure Analytics

Traffic signal controllers and other supporting traffic signal equipment are capable of logging a multitude of metrics that can be collected and processed into useful analytics. Sebago Technics has the ability to store and process the data utilizing our developed software and models at our Traffic Monitoring Center, independent of the equipment manufacturer. We can provide interactive reports tailored to our client’s needs that can be organized or filtered in any desired way. The example below is an interactive analytics report showing traffic movement volumes along a corridor.

Our most common analytics data types and sources are listed below, however, our models can accommodate other data types and sources as needed.

  • Signal Timings: Traffic Signal Controllers
  • Traffic Volumes: Pulse Loop Detectors, Video Detection, Radar Detection
  • Travel Times: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Modern Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATC) are capable of collecting High-Resolution Data that consists of a snapshot of the current traffic signal state every tenth of a second. Our Engineers are experienced with analytic reports derived from High-Resolution Data and can utilize the reports to draw conclusions or make recommendations.


Our current list of hosted analytics reports can be found at the following:

Hosted Analytics Reports »