Traffic Signal Management

Traffic Signals

With advances in technology, the traffic signal cabinet is quickly moving away from analog contacts and switches and progressing towards more digital control. In addition to improvements in efficiency and functionality, this progression also presents the opportunity for increased connections and communications between the devices within the traffic signal cabinet and the signal operators, in particular remote operations and management.

The traffic engineers at Sebago Technics have been at the forefront of traffic signal central management deployments for the Northern New England area and are well versed in the leading central management software. With our expertise, we are well suited to assist traffic signal owners in the initial design, planning, and deployment of a traffic communications network and central management system.

Through the central management software, our engineers are able to utilize logs collected from the devices within the traffic signal cabinet to diagnose issues that would be otherwise difficult to determine utilizing field information along. Our traffic engineers are able to remotely make modifications to signal programming or other device configurations, which in turn can save a municipality time and overall maintenance costs, in addition to reducing the number of citizen complaints received.

Through our in-house Traffic Monitoring Center, we are able to monitor network communications and device operations in real-time and can quickly respond to issues that may arise.


Curtis Thompson, PE, PTOE, Senior Traffic Operations Engineer with Vraj Thakkar, Data Analyst at the new Traffic Management Center at Sebago Technics