UAV/Drone Services

Our UAV Mapping capabilities offer yet another way to acquire land-based data and information. We can map topography, view construction sites, inspect structures and provide photographic/video documentation for archival and presentation purposes.

UAV stands for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, which is just one of our land-based data acquisition tools. When combined with the correct sensor and software, we can perform tasks such as quantity surveys, topographic/ ALTA surveys, bridge/tower inspections, High definition videography/aerial photography, construction site monitoring and progress images of specific sites all from the air. This offers a more accurate and complete representation of the entire project area when compared to traditional means, being captured from the ground.

Once collected, the data is used to generate two products. The first being a 3-Dimensional point cloud which is a highly accurate representation of the current project area shown in 3D space. This point cloud is then processed creating surfaces and correctly located features. The resulting product can be viewed in AutoCAD and Microstation in addition to a number of other platforms.

The second product generated is a geo-referenced, rectified, orthomosaic image of the entire site. Put simply, this is a highly accurate image of a project, structure or existing condition providing a “birds-eye” view of the specified area which is then placed correctly on the earth. This product can be used for a number of tasks and by numerous applications such as AutoCAD.