Traffic Engineering

Traffic Permitting

Sebago Technics drives projects forward by assisting clients in obtaining the required local and state permitting. We serve clients throughout New England to obtain state-level permits such as MaineDOT Traffic Movement Permits and NHDOT Driveway Permits as well as local Planning Board approvals. We are experienced in assisting projects ranging in size from large mixed-use developments with over 500,000 square feet of space to residential subdivisions and unique commercial uses.  These permitting efforts include evaluating the expected traffic generated and using our extensive knowledge in Traffic Analysis to assess impacts on the roadway, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities in the area. We are adept at providing mitigation solutions to provide safe and efficient roadways for all users. Our engineers are constantly in coordination with our Site Development team to provide full permitting services in-house for projects of all scales.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis

From estimating new development impacts, changes in lane use or geometric design, modifications in signal timings, or a multitude of other scenarios, our traffic engineers can supply detailed and thorough evaluations using the latest in traffic modeling software. 

Our familiarity and expertise using the Trafficware Synchro Suite allows us to produce models utilizing the full capabilities of the software that are more representative of existing conditions and in turn produce results consistent with real-world conditions. For particularly complex or unique scenarios, our engineers utilize PTV Vissim to ensure the simulations are accurate to existing traffic conditions. 

In support of our traffic engineering services, our engineers are well versed in reviewing traffic data analytics from multiple sources including traffic volume data, roadway speed data, corridor travel times, and origin to destination data. We are also familiar with the hardware that collects this data and are able to collect and process most forms of traffic-related data. 

Transportation Research

Our knowledge in connected vehicle technology, advanced transportation controller functionality, and data analytics has allowed Sebago Technics to be at the forefront of the deployment and primary research of innovative traffic signal equipment and functionality in northern New England. We are available to assist in initial project design, funding sourcing, project management, and final reporting for any transportation-related research.

Our recent experience includes:

  • The first connected vehicle deployment in response to the AASHTO SPaT Challenge (Signal Phasing and Timing) for the New England area. In association with the University of New Hampshire Connectivity Research Center, the deployment included a novel comparison of the message latency using dedicated short-range communications versus the existing 4G LTE cellular network.
  • The first implementation of transit signal priority in Maine, involved both the deployment of a radio/GPS-based activation system and a thorough evaluation of the travel time savings.  

The first automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPM) system in New Hampshire is utilized to maintain optimal signal operations and to test the effectiveness of alternative signal control methodologies including peer-to-peer, traffic responsive, and adaptive.