Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture was integrated into Sebago Technics’ practice in 1988, bringing a creative design focus to the company and complementing its civil engineering capability.

Landscape architects lead the design effort on all projects, working closely with our natural resource scientists and engineers. We listen closely to the needs of our clients, their goals for each project, and strive to accomplish their objectives, accounting for the environmental and regulatory constraints affecting each project.

Having practiced throughout the United States and overseas, observing regional and international design vocabulary, we bring diverse knowledge to each project. Our landscape architects focus on innovative design practices yet remain grounded by strong technical knowledge that produces cost-effective, constructible solutions.

A high standard of quality is our trademark. As LEED Accredited Professionals we are committed to the principles of sustainable design practices. Embracing technology, we believe people understand design in a visual context and continue to reflect our designs with quality graphic communication.

LL Bean
  • Conceptual & Site Design
  • Park & Public Space Design
  • Urban Design
  • Master and Campus Planning
  • Waterfront Planning
  • Planting Design
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