Planning & Permitting

Site Planning

We approach planning much as we do all opportunities; with pragmatism and creativity. Combining site-specific information (such as topography, natural resources, and existing development on-site), with regulatory criteria, and local ordinance requirements we work to create conceptual and long-term master plans that move our client’s vision to reality.

Every great land development project needs a solid plan as the foundation. Without this crucial piece of design, sites never realize their true potential and become victims to an ad-hoc style of development, wedging uses together, creating poor internal site circulation and wasted space within the development as well as reduced income potential for landowners.

During the planning process, we meet with local, state, and federal regulators to ensure the design not only fits the site and the restrictions but to identify potential red flags from a permitting perspective early in the planning process. This is extremely important to both budget and timeline. Understanding the regulatory obstacles at the outset allows for simplified navigation throughout the permitting and development process.

Site Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Wetland Assessments and Mitigation
  • NHDES and USACOE Permitting
  • State Permitting
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Local Permitting


Site Evaluation & Regulatory Permitting

The site alternatives and selection process is often an evolutionary one that begins with defining the project needs and objectives. Over the past 40+ years, Sebago Technics, Inc. has participated in the site selection and permitting process for projects of a varying range of size and complexity. While there are commonalities in the process, no two projects are the same. We apply our knowledge and depth of experience to develop specific solutions to each and every project.

While in the design development stage of a project, we strive to anticipate possible regulatory issues and address them so that they do not become obstacles later in the process. When considering alternative sites or alternative site designs, we are able to quickly summarize the permitting considerations as well as cost and performance considerations.

Our permitting experience encompasses application on a Federal, State, and local level.  We have a great deal of experience working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) and the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).  Through the years we have developed good working relationships with the project analysts at the MDEP and the ACOE and as a result, have been able to shepherd projects through the permitting process with successful outcomes for our clients.

Community Planning

Community planning can mean several different things. Sebago Technics can fill any and all of a community’s planning needs. We are ready to step in and assist when a community is between planners. If it’s ordinances that a community needs, we can amend an existing ordinance or work with a municipality in drafting a new ordinance. We also are skilled at crafting Master Plans and Comprehensive Plans.  Planning at Sebago Technics has the full backing of our team of engineers, landscape architects, traffic engineers, surveyors, and environmental scientists.  Our team is equipped with the latest in 3D modeling and drone aerial photography technology, which means a Sebago Technics plan is not only technically sound, but it can also come with graphics and visual displays that speak louder than words.

Comprehensive Planning

  • Master planning
  • Ordinance drafting
  • Development proposal review
  • Report writing
  • Interim or planner as needed
  • Grant Writing