Hartford Lateral Slide Bridge

Hartford slide bridge

PCL Civil Constructors retained Sebago’s Transportation Group to provide Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) and Erosion Protection and Sedimentation Control (EPSC) Planning for the replacement of two interstate overpass bridges on I-91 in Hartford.

This $12M VTrans Construction Management General Contractor (CMGC) Project involved constructing the new bridges on temporary supports adjacent to the existing structures and then “sliding” them into place over two interstate shut down weekends.

This is the first of a number of such projects that are part of VTrans’ Accelerated Bridge Program. The first slide of the new Northbound I-91 bridge was completed in late August 2015 – 3 hours ahead of schedule. The slide of the new Southbound I-91bridge was completed in mid-September, 2015 – 6 hours ahead of schedule.

Sebago’s role was the development of finished EPSC drawings to satisfy the environmental regulatory agencies concerned with the control and management of stormwater runoff and potential site erosion during the construction process. In addition, over 100 MOT drawings were produced that were used to successfully manage the flow of traffic during both constructions leading up to the actual slides and the closures during the slide weekends. This project also included a “Smart Work Zone” for alerting the public in real-time travel congestion through the Work Zone.

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PCL Civil Constructors
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