L.L. Bean Retail Campus

LL Bean Freeport

Sebago Technics has consulted for L.L. Bean on all of their projects in Freeport since 1992, a 26-year relationship we are certainly proud of.

Within Freeport Village, we have designed all of the improvements at the Flagship Store Campus, and most recently at Freeport Village Station, the new three-story retail plaza located across Main Street, at the original L.L. Bean Factory Store location. Through all of these projects, we have worked closely with the Town on the design of public streets and sidewalks. Most recently, Sebago Technics led the design for Cross Street Extension, in partnership with the Town of Freeport. Additionally, the implementation of a new Main Street Entry Plaza along Route One and the relocation of Ben & Jerry’s into the L.L. Bean Campus.

Grossing millions of visitors annually, the Town of Freeport still looks, feels and operates as a small New England town. Today, we are working to convert large vehicular travel ways in the center of downtown into pedestrian plazas and central green spaces. In addition, we have taken advantage of an impacted brownfield site with significant grade changes to create retail opportunities that expand the downtown without creating more surface parking.

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