Land of Nod Subdivision

Windham, Maine

Land of Nod Subdivision is a 30-lot subdivision on approximately 55 acres in the Town of Windham. Sebago Technics conducted a wetland delineation, stream determinations, and a vernal pool survey on this rural property to prepare an environmental inventory base map of the site.

Due to the size of this proposed development, Sebago Technics’ Certified Soil Scientist was also required to perform a Class “B” High-Intensity Soil Survey on the property. This information is used to size stormwater features and provides additional information pertinent to proposed structure foundation stability.

Due to the density of this subdivision, Sebago Technics’ Certified Geologist performed a Nitrate Study to ensure that the subdivision layout provided sufficient space for nitrate plumes produced by each lot’s residential septic system. Finally, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers required a Small Whorled Pogonia (Isotria medeoloides) Survey to determine whether or not this threatened species was present on the site.

Construction for the Land of Nod Subdivision is well underway and Sebago Technics continues to be involved by preparing septic system designs in the form of HHE-200 permits for developers and homeowners moving into the area. This continued involvement allows Sebago Technics to oversee development and compliance with the Nitrate Study plan, assuring an environmentally and legally responsible development.

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