The Edge at Berwick

Great Falls Construction hired Sebago Technics in early 2020 to assist them with a mixed-use development at the former Prime Tanning facility site in Berwick. The project site is located centrally in Berwick’s downtown, and immediately adjacent to downtown Somersworth, NH. Redevelopment of the property is much-needed and offers a unique opportunity to be a transformative project with a significant impact on the surrounding communities. The mixed-use project will consist of commercial, residential, and green space.

Redevelopment involves construction of eleven mixed-use buildings. An existing building once part of the tannery facility in the southwesterly corner of the site will be renovated as part of the overall project. Buildings will be constructed near new internal and existing external roadways to maintain Berwick’s downtown character. Architecture is influenced by surrounding buildings in Berwick and Somersworth town centers that reflect a quintessential New England downtown. All new buildings will have two or three floors. The first floor will contain commercial, retail, and restaurant uses, and residential dwelling units will be on the second and third floors. More than 250 residential units are proposed, and the total number of commercial units will be contingent on the selection of tenants and required fit up. Commercial spaces will include a bank and coffee shop with drive-thru service windows and a bowling alley.

A new “Main Street” will extend east to west across the parcel. Parking, walkways and greenways will be integrated into the roadway systems to promote vehicular and pedestrian accessibility. The landscape program provided calls for native plantings that are suited to the site and the changing uses throughout the seasons. A variety of open spaces have been incorporated into the development scheme including:

  • Widened sidewalks with street trees;
  • Village center area for civic events and gatherings;
  • Inclusion of a greenway path through the development; and,
  • A memorial park signifying the site’s rich history, and the brook that runs below it.