Cans for a Cure 2016

Our employees participated in the “Can the Van” campaign to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. The Q97.9 radio station’s goal is to collect 1,000,000 cans/bottles to raise $50,000 dollars for the Maine Cancer Foundation and the Cancer Community Center right here in Maine. Attached is a picture of our Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator, Gina Austin, and the D.J. Lori Voornas this morning. We were this van’s first stop (today is day 1 of 3) and are pleased to say that we had over 15 large garbage bags to start today’s pickups. If you know of anybody in the South Portland area, or if any of you happen to be in this area before Friday, please feel free to drop off bags of cans/bottles in the Maine Mall Parking lot. Q97.9 has a set up in front of the empty building on the right of Pier 1 Imports (used to be Jimmy the Greeks Restaurant).