Maine GeoLibrary Announces New Chairman of the Board

The GeoLibrary Board elected Jon Giles to the position of Chairman of the Board at its meeting on March 18, 2015. Mr. Giles is GIS Coordinator and Surveyor at Sebago Technics. “Having a representative from GIS vendors like Jon is a great asset to the Board, with his background working with municipalities, utilities and other private development clients, Jon will bring keen insight, strong voice and advocacy of their needs” said Vinton Valentine outgoing Chair. Mr. Valentine will continue to serve on the Board representing the interests of the University of Maine system.

Jon GilesMr. Giles said “It was an honor to be elected as the Chair of the GeoLibrary Board. I hope to continue the work of the GeoLibrary and our partners in forming a strong and sustainable geospatial infrastructure for Maine’s citizens and in support of Maine’s economy. Geospatial data has provided an effective tool to develop, protect, and support the State’s economy, our environmental resources, and efficient government services for the past several decades. I look forward to the continued acquisition of core geospatial data sets that are publicly available and to strengthening the mechanisms which maintain and support the delivery of the data to all Maine’s geospatial data users.”

The Maine GeoLibrary provides an independent review of state activities to acquire geospatial data. The GeoLibrary Board with fifteen representatives from private and public interests was established by the legislature in 2003. The members are appointed by the Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives. It currently is overseeing two geospatial acquisition projects, one to collect high-resolution topographic data and an orthoimagery base map for the state. Having this geospatial data provides both public and private development interests with low-cost, accurate and reliable information needed to make responsible development decisions.

For more information about the Maine GeoLibrary, please visit their website.