Pine Tree Council of the Boy Scouts Recognize Sebago Technics

stinson familySebago Technics and its Founder Walt Stinson were recently recognized by the Pine Tree Council of the Boy Scouts for their contributions over many years of support and in improving the Council’s Camps. In recognition of its support, the Council named a new road at Camp Hinds, designed by Sebago Technics, “Sebago Way.” The Sebago Way is defined by many of the same principles as Scouting – Service, Leadership, Teamwork and Respect. For their decades of support, Walt and his wife Ellen were recognized with the naming of a new campsite as the Stinson Family Campsite. Many of the current campsites are named after explorers and pioneers – Baden Powell, Pershing, Byrd. We think the Stinsons qualify in their own right. We are honored by these recognitions and proud to support the Pine Tree Council.