Sebago Technics Aligns for the Future

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – Focused on growth and the future, Sebago Technics, an employee-owned, multi-discipline, consulting engineering company announced a realignment of its leadership team. The changes and promotions will provide enhanced emphasis to project delivery, quality, and client development.  The new structure also supports Sebago’s ongoing succession and professional growth plans. Mark Adams, President/CEO noted that the realignment is the result of months of strategic transformation work. Employee-led teams focused on how best to transform the way in which we do our work to improve communication, productivity and client response.  The changes reinforce our vision “To be the best, employee-owned, engineering-land development company – now and always.”


Owens McCulloughOwens McCullough. P.E., is now Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Development. McCullough has been with Sebago since 1987. In his new role he will focus on new business/project opportunities and the development and succession of project managers and clients.

– “The realignment is the natural progression of recognizing the development of our professionals and an investment in the future leadership of the company.”

Shawn FrankShawn Frank. P.E. joined the company in 1985 and will now serve as Senior Vice President for Commercial Development. He will utilize his more than 30-years of development experience to assist commercial clients in the successful development of their projects.

“Since I started with Sebago more than 30 years ago, our goal has always been to provide excellent, responsive, engineering services to our clients. The realignment creates a foundation for our ability to continue to serve clients with quality, local engineering for many years to come.”

Will ConwayWill Conway, R.L.A. is now Senior Vice President of Landscape Architecture. Will began the practice of landscape architecture when he joined Sebago in 1988.  He will continue to oversee the discipline with an emphasis on site design and plan presentation.

– “I have thoroughly enjoyed my 30-year tenure with Sebago. I admire the people I work with and the clients we work for, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work on so many interesting and rewarding projects.”

Keith McAlaryKeith McAlary has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Mr. McAlary formerly served as Controller and started with the company in 2001.  In addition to his prior duties Mr. McAlary will assume responsibility for investments, information technology systems, and benefits administration.

– “Looking forward to continue working with my fellow employee-owners and helping them be successful, while growing the company for the next generation of employee-owners and leaders at Sebago Technics.”

Dan RileyDan Riley, P.E. has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Riley started in 2001 and formerly served as a Design Team Leader. In his new position he will concentrate on engineering quality, training and development, risk management, and new methods/technologies.

 – “We’re excited about the opportunities that this realignment provides for the professional growth of our staff of employee-owners.”

Kylie MasonKylie Mason, R.L.A., has been promoted to Vice President of Project Delivery. In this role she will oversee the delivery of all projects including permitting, plan production, and CAD services. Kylie has been employed with Sebago since 2005.

 – “This is an exciting time for Sebago and this reorganization is really just a reflection of how we work better as one team dedicated to working together. We have an incredible ability and talent in this building. This reorganization gives us the opportunity to spread that ability and talent to complete our projects. As a team, we can better organize workflow to meet the pressing demands of internal and external client management. Each coordination group has the autonomy to develop and implement solutions to advance each project. At the same time, we all become accountable to our teammates. We expect continued advancement in solution development and encourage even more individual initiative to meet demanding schedules. This team is committed to the dynamic schedule of projects and workload, understanding that there is no consistent flow of work. We’re all committed to diving in when the workload is heavy and we enjoy the pride, recognition, increased responsibility and reward that comes from successfully meeting aggressive deadlines. Our commitment to our team members is mirrored by the demands of the workload. When we all contribute, we are all rewarded. I’m lucky to be part of this team, we’ve never had a better group than we do right now!”