Sebago Technics Announces New Roles

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – Sebago Technics, a Maine-based, engineering consulting firm, announced two recent promotions.

Brad LyonBradley R. Lyon, PE, PTOE was promoted to the position of Director of Transportation Services. Mr. Lyon has over 11 years of experience in the transportation/traffic engineering field, specializing in highway and traffic analysis/design, as well as traffic signal operations. He joined Sebago Technics in 2006. As Director of Transportation Services, Brad will assume more day-to-day oversight and coordination of the Transportation Group’s services and projects.  Brad will work with Steve Sawyer, PE, Senior Vice President of Transportation, to collaborate and gain further experience in various administrative, business development and project management responsibilities while also transitioning partnership and client relationships.

Brian R. Farrell was promoted to the position of CAD/IT Support Coordinator.  Mr. Farrell has 25+ years of CAD/IT experience and has been with Sebago since 1997.  In this new role, Brian will devote his time to Technical Support of CAD technologies, Maintenance of computer resources and Development and support of new software tools and technologies.

Founded in 1981, Sebago Technics is one of Maine’s leading land development consulting firms offering civil engineering, survey, landscape architecture, GIS, traffic/transportation engineering and environmental services