Sebago Technics Announces Project Delivery Reorganization and Celebration of the New Leadership Team!

The Project Delivery Team at Sebago Technics has achieved incredible growth, by advancing their technical mastery, developing leadership skills, and creating shared expectations for performance and practices at a high level of accountability, resulting in outstanding performance. 

We want to announce the advancement of ten individuals into new leadership roles on the team that will lead seven teams in the service of our mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.  We celebrate the team’s high performance, the advancement of our team members as they pursue individual growth and development, and the impact they make together towards our success!

Assuming the roles of Engineering Design Managers are Brandon Blake and Paul Ostrowski, PE.  In this role, Brandon and Paul will be responsible for the training and development of team members, the QA&QC process, and the advancement of design assignments through our teams.  Talented and creative engineers in their own right, Brandon and Paul will continue to serve as lead engineers on special projects, shaping challenging sites and developing solutions for our clients!  They produce creative solutions, and their willingness to explore alternatives and commitment to the growth and advancement of the team members that they manage is admirable.  They are responsible for shaping the most successful and recognized projects our organization has completed.  Wasting no time, they have hit the ground running in their new role, and we are confident the team will experience even greater success moving forward.  We are so fortunate to have the talent, commitment to culture, and the ability to teach others advancing skills that Brandon and Paul practice.

As the new Project Delivery Manager, Caitlyn Abbott will be responsible for the overall workload assignment and coordination and team accountability, culture, and business development.  A talented engineer and project manager as well, Caitlyn knows our work from field to finish and everything in between.  Her positive attitude, creative problem-solving, ability to offer a clear, kind, and fair assessment of time commitments, and ability to generate resolutions were the perfect fit for this new role.  A natural relationship builder, Caitlyn knows everyone in the State.  And if she doesn’t, she will be fast friends upon their first meeting.  This is an unmatched advantage to the team when partnered with her problem-solving, allowing us to quickly find positive outcomes for our team members, projects, and clients.  We anticipate great development for all team members in problem-solving, entrepreneurial leadership, and culture development in her charge.

Stepping into the role of Senior Team Leader is Rebecca Gabryszewski.  Rebecca is a Regulatory Specialist with over 20 years of diverse experience. She has managed a growing team supporting our permitting and GIS efforts as one of our previous team leaders.  Her team will be responsible for the ongoing regulatory coordination work and permitting support, Environmental Assessments, and Geographic Information Systems opportunities.  She is responsible for the training and development of our team members for regulatory processes, creating clear, concise permitting applications, and the advancement of our map-making and graphic communications of our site information.  Not one to claim the spotlight, Rebecca has touched nearly every project that has left our building and received local, state, or federal permitting.  Her reputation with regulatory agencies is an incredible asset to our organization. 

Henry Hess, RLA, Aaron Hunter, PE, and Chris Taylor, PE are stepping into new team leader roles.  Incredibly talented technical professionals with an enviable commitment to results, these individuals have successfully led teams and projects through rigorous design and regulatory processes.  They offer creative approaches to design success and the careful management of relationships throughout their work.  They are great mentors, accomplished engineers, landscape architects, and successful team leads.  The transition to team leader is critical to the success of the Project Delivery Team.  In their new roles, they will enhance team members’ experience with new methods in design, thoughtful project management strategies, and strong mentoring to guide their career advancement.  We have enjoyed watching their evolution as technical professionals with solid work habits, efforts in the mastery of the skills, and development of project manager skills towards impactful team leaders.  In addition to their roles as team leaders, they will continue to serve as design leads for projects and continue to manage robust portfolios of projects.  Their approach, drive, and commitment are all great models for success.

New Team Leads are Kendra Ramsell, EI, Shelly Stacey, and Brad Van Damm. Shelly and Brad, both Senior CAD Designers, will manage smaller CAD design teams to ensure project support and technical mentoring as we continue to onboard new team members.  Shelly’s role will be responsible for the overall workload coordination for the CAD design team.  We appreciate Shelly’s commitment to deadlines and ensuring we deliver clear, correct, and timely deliverables.  Brad will be responsible for ongoing CAD skill development within Project Delivery and QA/QC review and maintenance of our CAD standards.  We are fortunate to have these talented professionals create, review, and manage every set of deliverables for our design projects!

Kendra Ramsell, EI, Civil Engineer, will assume a new role as a team lead.  Kendra is a savvy designer and engineer and has enjoyed the early successes of managing projects.   Curious and creative, Kendra’s strength is in her undeterred drive and commitment. She is an intuitive designer and asset to any project team.  We are eager to watch her continued growth into subject matter expertise, project management, and leadership development! 

While we celebrate these incredible professionals’ transitions and growth, we also want to acknowledge the entire Project Delivery Team.  This team of close-knit professionals is unmatched for their ability to shape the spaces and places of our legacy.  Being in the room as they move through their work is nothing short of watching a masterful symphony performing a signature piece.  Each individual has contributed to our success and is on their pathway to continued growth and advancement.  We are honored and inspired by every member of this team.