Sebago Technics Announces Promotions with Project Delivery Team

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – Sebago Technics, an employee-owned Maine-based, creative engineering collective, is pleased to announce the following promotions and achievements within its Project Delivery Team:

Caitlyn Abbott has been promoted to Director of Project Delivery.  Beginning in the Project Delivery Coordinator role in 2021, Caitlyn has progressively expanded her engagement, role, and responsibilities on the Project Delivery Team.  She has managed numerous projects as Sebago Technics has continued to develop, hire, and transition project management.  She is now responsible for the overall management of the team, resource allocation, team development, and project delivery.  Her ability to bridge technical work with the human side of clients, the company, and the Project Delivery Team has made her a tremendous asset and leader.

Henry Hess, RLA, Aaron Hunter, PE, and Chris Taylor, PE have each been promoted to a Project Manager position. Since joining Sebago Technics, Henry, Aaron, and Chris have performed vital roles of practicing designers and team leaders.  Meanwhile, they have steadily grown in their skills and responsibilities as project managers. In the Project Manager role, they are responsible for the overall development, budget, schedule, and approval of projects while maintaining strong relationships and communications with clients and regulators.  This group of developing leaders will form a strong foundation for future growth and succession.

Paul Ostrowski, PE and Brandon Blake have been promoted to Project Delivery Engineering & Design Managers.  As leaders of the technical teams, they are responsible for technical training, mentorship, and critical thinking development of Sebago’s design professionals.  They play a critical role in developing and overseeing future project managers and project delivery team leaders for the company.  Both Brandon and Paul will continue to serve as design leads on major projects with responsibility for client/regulatory coordination and assisting with production as needed.  Their experience is invaluable in quality assurance/control for special projects and review of standards to ensure consistency.  Their roles have expanded to include hiring new team members, coordinating project inspections, and assisting in prioritizing deadlines. 

Kendra Ramsell, EI and Matt Orr, EI have been elevated to Team Lead positions.  Kendra has been selected to expand her current team lead role, and Matt has been selected as a new team lead.  Working with their Design Managers, Kendra and Matt will each oversee a design team comprised of civil engineers and landscape designers/architects.  They have been working and studying diligently toward achieving their professional engineering licenses.

Sebago Technics is a creative engineering collective of more than 110 design professionals and technical staff, located in 4 offices throughout Southern and Western Maine. Everything we do is shaping. From land and relationships to careers and communities. We exist to do this work together, with our team, our clients, and with our community. We are all shaping New England, together.