Sebago Technics Hires Construction Professionals

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – Sebago Technics, a Maine-based, employee-owned, engineering consulting firm, is pleased to announce two new Construction Inspectors have joined the Sebago Team:

M BourqueMichael Bourque joins as Field Engineer/Inspector. Mike has prior experience in construction inspection, project management, materials testing and quality control working for inspection and materials testing companies. He has served as a resident inspector for town projects and municipalities. He is NETTCP certified in HMA paving, soils and aggregates, concrete and drilled shafts. He is also certified as an ACI field tech, nuclear density safety and operation, PCI level II and ICC special soil inspector.

P LowePhilip Lowe joins as Senior Inspector. Mr. Lowe brings more than 45 years of construction management and engineering experience for projects involved with transportation infrastructure design, building construction and demolition, solid waste and wastewater treatment facilities, environmental remediation, and paper mill facilities. Phil also sits on The Town of Sebago Select Board, CIP and Road committees, spent 5 years on the Planning Board, and works on policy, code and ordinance development, and energy improvements.

Founded in 1981, Sebago Technics is one of Maine’s leading land development consulting firms offering civil engineering, survey, landscape architecture, GIS, traffic/transportation engineering and environmental services.