Sebago Works with City on Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

Sebago Technics is working with the City of South Portland on what may be the most outside-the-box capital improvement projects (CIP) expenditure. $12,000 will be taken from the City’s downtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) fund to draw up plans for a new footbridge over Broadway along the City’s Greenbelt Trail. Sebago has done work over the past year to determine that such a bridge is feasible and can be built within the location’s site constraints. “Due to multiple required at-grade crossings, high traffic volumes and speeds, and lengthy traffic signal cycle lengths, a pedestrian bridge to connect the Greenbelt Walkway over the Waterman Drive and the Casco Bay Bridge approach intersections with Broadway has been a desired improvement ever since the new bridge was constructed in 1996,” City Manager Jim Gailey wrote in his CIP presentation. “The next step is to use the services of a combination design and engineering team, to be selected, to work with residents, City officials, and the arts and historic preservation committee in developing a preliminary design, with renderings, for the facility,” he wrote.

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