Summer Intern Spotlight | DeWitt Purcell

We are thrilled to introduce DeWitt Purcell, a rising Senior studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as our talented Landscape Architect summer intern at Sebago Technics!

As DeWitt joins our team, we are eager to witness his fresh ideas and passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Let’s extend a warm virtual welcome to DeWitt and wish him a fantastic and fulfilling internship with us.

What inspired you to choose Sebago Technics for your internship?

I was introduced to Sebago Technics through Henry Hess at my school’s career fair. He and I had a very pleasant conversation about the company and myself and how I could fit into the company. I am currently going through the same education as Henry, so it became very easy to decide on where I would be this summer. With Sebago being an employee-owned company, the decision became clearer.

What’s your go-to activity or hobby outside of work?

Outside of work, you will most likely see me golfing, fishing, and hanging out with friends and family.

How did you become interested in the field of landscape architecture?

I became interested in the Green Industry at a young age. First, I started out working on a golf course as a caddy and maintenance worker. After working there for three years I then moved into landscape construction. This is where I became heavily interested in landscape architecture. I fell in love with building patios, walls and installing plants. This guided me to enroll in The Stockbridge School of Agriculture to get my Associate’s Degree, then to further my education at UMass Amherst in Landscape Architecture.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

There are so many places that I would love to travel to. I wish to visit all over Europe specifically the Scandinavian countries, Ireland for my roots, Italy & Greece for the food and views, and Spain for the lifestyle. Other places around the world I would love to visit are all over southern Africa, Oceania countries, and parts of South America.

Can you share a project or experience from your studies that you’re particularly proud of?

Throughout the many studios we take in school, one has particularly left an impact on my thinking. In our fall semester of junior year, we were tasked to redesign our campus. This was probably the hardest but most fun studio I’ve taken. Having our studio site be the place we walk around each day put a different perspective in my eyes. It was hard in the sense that we needed to work on such a large scale and design so many different parts of the campus.

Name one meal or food item you could eat every day for the rest of your life.

Pan-seared scallops and shrimp cocktails are the two foods that I could eat for the rest of my life.

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

I’ve been all over the United States and through my traveling some of the best places I’ve been on vacation are Alaska, Montana, and Michigan. I have family In Montana and Michigan so I’ve been lucky enough to visit there many times. Alaska is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. The natural beauty of Alaska is what made the trip for everyone involved.

If you could have a summer-themed playlist, what songs would be on it?

I’ve always believed that the best summer music is country. Being 75 degrees and blasting country music with windows down and the sun setting is what I picture summer to be. Some of the songs that would be on my playlist would be “This Bar” by Morgan Wallen, “Tattoo on a Sunburn” by Luke Combs, and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

What specific skills or knowledge do you hope to gain from your internship at Sebago Technics?

I hope to gain knowledge throughout all fields in Sebago Technics. My goal by the end of the summer is to become versatile throughout each discipline of the company.