Summer Intern Spotlight | Owen Tull

We are thrilled to welcome Owen Tull as a summer intern within our Survey-Geomatics Team! Owen is a rising sophomore at the University of Maine, pursuing a degree in Survey Engineering Technology.

We’re confident that Owen’s passion for surveying, coupled with his strong technical skills, will be a fantastic addition to our team. As an industry leader in surveying and geomatics, Sebago Technics is committed to providing valuable learning opportunities for aspiring professionals like Owen.

Owen, we’re thrilled to have you on board! Get ready for an enriching summer filled with hands-on experiences, real-world projects, and a supportive team that is eager to guide and mentor you.

How did you become interested in the field of surveying?

I did not know about surveying before I wanted to do electro-mechanical engineering; I had a change of heart when I learned about surveying and how it relates to history, mathematics, and the world we live in. 

What is your go-to activity or hobby outside of work and school?

Mountain biking and skiing. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Europe, in particular central Europe. Countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and more. 

Can you share a project or experience from your studies that you are particularly proud of?

There was this day when I was working in a group in my SVT 101 class. We had to find the backsight and foresight via differential leveling and using the Yankee pole for the first time and I felt confident after a few readings. 

If you could have a summer-themed playlist, what songs would be on it?

  • Breezeblocks by alt-J
  • Closer to the Sun by Slightly Stoopid
  • Herewego by Jinsang
  • Dancing by NEIL FRANCES 
  • Murderer by Barrington Levy

What inspired you to choose Sebago Technics for your internship?

To expand on my skills as a surveyor and to create my professional footprint while working near home.