Survey-Geomatics Team Growth and Development

The Sebago Technics Survey-Geomatics Team has had a number of employee-owners who have grown in their roles, skills, and contributions to Sebago.  We would like to recognize the following individuals:

Brian Williams, PLS, Project Surveyor – Brian has been promoted to Professional Land Surveyor/ Project Surveyor.  Joining Sebago in 2017, Brian has been our Geomatics Field Services Lead with project management responsibility for the delivery of our Terrestrial and Aero-Geomatics© services to all manner of clients. He recently passed all required exams and with his broad experience has been conferred as a Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Maine. He now joins Sebago’s excellent group of PLS Project Managers.

John Claytor, Survey CADD Coordinator – John has been elevated to Survey CADD Coordinator. Hired as a Senior Surveyor, his 10 years of experience in survey, CADD, and GIS work for both private and municipal organizations, including a large multi-discipline engineering company, has helped the team greatly since joining. John will oversee all Survey CADD production and standardization work in South Portland, and with the Bridgton and Springvale offices. His duties include the training, coordination, and management of Survey CADD personnel.  Additionally, working alongside the Project Delivery CADD team, John will continue to assist the greater Sebago organization in the development and maintenance of our CADD and GIS processes, standards, and training.

Scott Morneau, Senior Survey Technician/Field Systems Coordinator – Scott has been with Sebago since 2015. He has worked and helped manage a variety of assignments relating to boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction related projects. Scott has also taken on additional responsibilities and the important role as the Survey Field Systems Coordinator. In this role, Scott will have responsibility for managing the maintenance, repair, and overall operational status of Sebago’s extensive survey equipment and technologies. He will importantly aid the team in evaluating, selecting, and applying new surveying-based technology into our surveying field and office techniques and procedures.

Mike Celeste, Senior Surveyor – Mike has been promoted to Senior Surveyor. He has been with Sebago since 2017, and has led work in all the survey service areas including our most complex survey projects, while also helping to provide the strategy in using handheld tablets for construction layout. Mike has mentored and taught many new team members, and most recently on his own initiative, studied and passed the exam to become a Sebago FAA Part 107 sUAS pilot, adding more capacity to our Geomatics projects.

Oscar Keydel, LSIT, Senior Surveyor – Oscar has been elevated to Senior Surveyor.  He has been with Sebago since 2020 after graduating from the University of Maine.  Since his hire, Oscar has continued to take on increasing responsibility in leading field crews on a wide variety of survey projects.  He has also helped to train new team members and continued to develop the necessary skills to achieve his PLS licensure in the coming months.

Brian Cook, LSIT, Senior Surveyor – Brian has been elevated to Senior Surveyor. Direct from the University Maine, Brian joined us in 2021 and has quickly grasped all aspects of field and office work.  He is able to perform as a solo crew member, lead crews, and perform all required office research and survey plan development work. Brian is able to work on any project we may have and, with his constant mentoring attitude with new team members, has helped to share that knowledge. We look forward to Brian becoming a licensed professional surveyor in the coming months.

Alex Jakubowski, Surveyor / Survey Construction Services Coordinator. Another UMaine graduate, Alex has been promoted to the position of Surveyor/Survey Field Services Coordinator for Construction. Since joining Sebago in 2019, Alex has mastered all the necessary skills to tackle and lead teams on all the survey projects we perform. From work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, to the tallest buildings that Sebago Technics may support with constructions services, he has provided steady engagement to ensure the integrity, consistency, and quality of our work. Alex is always a knowledgeable resource for all team members with quiet professionalism, talent, and an impressive work ethic.

Tarah Doh, Surveyor – Tarah joined us in May of 2022 as a Survey Technician, after completing her service to the United States Marines Corps. During her service with the Marine Corps, Tarah gained extensive experience in surveying, survey equipment and survey project management on projects such as airstrips, and base site layouts all over the world.  She has rapidly adapted to the private sector, and has worked on many of our projects from boundary to construction. Tarah continues to advance her CADD skills and participates in many of Sebago’s teams and activities.  Recognizing her experience, growth and development, Tarah has been elevated to the Surveyor position.

Congratulations to all of these employee-owners, professionals, and current/future leaders at Sebago Technics!