What it Means to be Part of an ESOP

As we honor Employee-Ownership Month, we asked a few of our employee-owners what being part of an ESOP means to them. Here’s what they said:

amber ferland“Being part of an ESOP is a special thing because there is a unified goal to do well and push yourself. The employee’s effort in both advancing experience, technical knowledge, and building better relationships with clients is directly related to how well the company does. That shared effort and pursuit of excellence is a wonderful thing to be a part of.” – Amber Ferland, Project Engineer

Charlie Marchese“Being part of an ESOP lends personal ownership to what I do as an employee-owner at Sebago. I am personally committed to doing the very best that I can and receiving the rewards not only professionally, but also personally for the effort that I put into my work. It is rewarding to know that I and my fellow employee-owners are rewarded for our effort financially on both an immediate and future date for the work that we do today. I appreciate the fact that I am working to better the company while all the while helping myself in the future through the employee stock plan. It is a wonderful way to work knowing that you are being paid for doing what you love to do.” – Charlie Marchese, Director of Survey Operations

Kendra Ramsell“Being part of an ESOP, for me, means being a member of a community that shares the same goal. This goal is overall success. Success can be measured in many different ways. Profitability is a measure of success – When each member of the community works hard and efficiently on a personal level, the company is more profitable and that benefit is then returned to each individual. There is more incentive to work hard when you can see that the numbers are in your favor. Happiness is a measure of success – We come to work every day and develop relationships with people that are meaningful and inspiring. Between kudos from one employee to another, after-hours events, and a shared love for food, the ESOP culture is a happy one. Not everyone can say that they are happy AND successful, but I can.” – Kendra Ramsell, Civil Engineer

Owens mccollough“Being part of an ESOP is a privilege. An ESOP creates a culture of ownership and pride that instills a great work ethic where we all contribute and benefit from the collective success of everyone!” – Owens McCullough, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Client Development

Cassie Quintal“Being part of an ESOP means that the time and knowledge that I put into Sebago Technics is a direct investment in myself. It is the ideal collective success, where I personally benefit from the success of the group. We are all moving towards the same goals and aware that our actions impact a company that we are all invested in. We hold each other accountable. Being an employee-owner at Sebago Technics means that I can proudly boast about owning a part of the most well respected survey & engineering firm in the State of Maine.” – Cassandra Quintal, Digital Mapping Technician/Surveyor

Mike Jakubowski“Sebago Technics is the first ESOP company I’ve ever worked for. I wasn’t even sure what “employee-owned” really meant before joining Sebago. Working at an ESOP company has redefined my relationship with what it means to “go to work.” When I think back to every job I’ve held up to this point, it almost seems like I was part of some scam or pyramid scheme; working as hard as I could not to enable the company and myself, but for fear of termination. Now, I feel empowered by my company instead of threatened by it. I hope I never have to go back to the dark side!” – Mike Jakubowski, Environmental Scientist

Sarah Hanf“To me, being part of an ESOP means being a vested part of a team that works hard together toward shared goals, rewards and opportunities. The employees, like myself, are motivated to make themselves better, to support a coworker to do their best, meet their deadlines/goals, going above and beyond to see the company advance and to see the rewards and benefits for all from that growth and success. It’s a great sense of accomplishment and pride to “own” your work, be the best you can be and in return watch the company succeed, returning rewards and opportunities to advance and grow our own people. Our founder, Walter P. Stinson, said “A company’s greatest resource is its people.” An ESOP program honors this principle and makes Sebago a great place to work. Happy ESOP month.” – Sarah Hanf, Civil Engineer