Bowdoin College Land Acquisition

Bowdoin College Land Evaluation

As part of a strategic property acquisition through the decommissioning of the Brunswick Naval Air Station, Bowdoin College engaged Sebago Technics to evaluate the available parcels and determine potential development value for the college. In total, the acreage for the collective parcels exceeded 250 acres. By evaluating social, natural and regulatory constraints we developed a sophisticated model that allowed for the examination of development scenarios.

As part of our evaluation we identified natural resources, such as wetlands, streams, impaired watersheds, vernal pools and significant wildlife habitats, setbacks enforced by regulatory agencies, historical and environmental elements requiring additional investigation, FAA flight path and tower restrictions, an aquifer protection zone was identified by the decommissioning documents, even the distance a student could be expected to walk from class was examined for potential impacts to development.

The study yielded a very specific opportunities and constraints map, which was further refined to identify land of little to no development value, as well as land that would likely burden the college in terms of maintenance or regulatory implications. This study was a valuable resource for the college as they moved forward with the acquisitions.

Project Details

Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME
Project Size:
250 acres
Planning and Permitting