Leighton Farms

Scarborough, Maine

Leighton Farms

Leighton Farm Subdivision is located in the Town of Scarborough just westerly of their Main Street which is U.S. Route 1. The site consists of approximately 80 acres of property that extends northerly from Elmwood Avenue to just across the Nonesuch River.

The subdivision consists of a total of 99 residential lots ranging in size from 8500 square feet to 15,000 square feet that are proposed to be constructed within five phases of development. The project was designed as a Conservation Subdivision such that all of the development will occur on only 34.57 acres of the site, leaving 46.03 acres of open space. Of this 46.03 acres, 35.29 acres is proposed to be conveyed to the Town of Scarborough along both sides of the Nonesuch River. The existing trails within this area will be extended to the proposed sidewalks along the roadways to allow pedestrian access throughout the open space and along the river. Two small parking areas are proposed within the development to assist in accessing the open space.

The project will be served by municipal water service. Municipal sanitary sewer service is also available either via gravity or by individual pumps for each home. Underground electrical, telephone, and cable service will also be extended throughout the project from the existing overhead lines on Elmwood Avenue. Stormwater will be collected within a series of catch basins along the roadway curb lines and transported to treatment ponds/basins via subsurface storm drains. Street trees will be installed on the lots and lighting will be installed per Town requirements.

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