Deering’s Corner Roundabout

During the development of the new design for the Deering Corner traffic pattern improvements, Sebago Technics utilized high-definition laser scanning to assist the central art installation.

The exhibit is composed of several large cut stones, each topped with custom metallic torch sculptures affixed in place, and rests at the center of the proposed roundabout. The main exhibit is partially surrounded by pedestrian circulation, which includes a seating area overlooking the sculpturers. All of these custom components were to be made of locally quarried stone and placed individually at a single time.

The design team utilized precise digital models to get the project completed as accurate and efficiently as possible. The Sebago Technics geomatics team 3D laser scanned each stone on site. They used this data to create a 3D model of each piece, leveraging millions of data points. Once this was done, they were placed into the visualization model and aligned with the help of the artist. There were multiple layouts of the adjacent seating area that Sebago Technics modeled for the city to approve. Pictured below is an example of those iterations, as well as, one of the scanned stones and one of the meshed bases. This project was an interesting example of a work flow that demonstrates the flexibility of this unique technology.