L.L. Bean Corporate Campus

Located at the gateway of the Town of Freeport, the LL Bean Corporate Campus has long been a subdued office/industrial park located off Route One in Freeport. The multi-phased renovation will serve as a true beacon and gateway to the retail center of Freeport.

Currently estimated at over $110 Million, the campus renovation includes the repurposing of an existing distribution building for a new state-of-the-art workspace filled with amenities for today’s workforce. The site renovation includes significant improvements and the development of amenities that encourage a greater connection to the outdoors. Of significant note, is LL Bean’s commitment to healing the surrounding watershed. As part of the third phase of the project, impervious areas on the campus will be reduced and receive enhanced treatment for stormwater runoff, chloride reduction, and snow storage.

After Phase I and II, the campus exceeds state treatment standards using published and newly innovated measures to provide clean, treated water for incorporation into the surrounding natural areas. The third phase promises even greater treatment with the elimination of a large office building and multiple outdated lots with limited stormwater treatment. New parking lots will be developed, highlighting green technologies and a more park-like feeling entering the complex.

Sebago has enjoyed a relationship with LL Bean that has spanned three decades. Our work on all of their campuses includes Corporate, Distribution, and Retail throughout Maine. With every project, we have focused on creating a sense of place that connects with their vision, outdoor brand, and works with the environment. We are proud of the innovations developed with each campus, including many BMPs that are now part of an approved treatment with the State of Maine. The LL Bean Corporate Campus continues to lead the charge in Maine for thoughtful, impactful design creating a functional aesthetic that works to improve our environments.