Lewiston to Lisbon

Lewiston, Maine

This feasibility study was conducted for the Lewiston-Auburn Railroad Company. Sebago Technics Environmental and Landscape Architecture teams worked together to perform a comprehensive feasibility study for 10.5 miles of formerly-active railway that spans between Lewiston and Lisbon along the Androscoggin River.

Landscapes covered in this feasibility study range from residential neighborhoods and industrial areas to commercial and heavily forested settings. Natural resources encountered included streams, wetlands including Maine DEP designated Wetlands of Special Significance (WOSS), vernal pools, and major rivers. Infrastructure assessments included photographing bridges, noting and estimating the severity of erosion, and locating miles-long spans of abandoned rails for salvage. The study was formatted to read like a wayfinding map utilizing symbols and colors to highlight viewsheds, points of interest, and connections to abutting neighborhoods. Moving forward, this study will serve as the foundation for future planning, grant applications, design, and fundraising efforts.

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