York Toll Plaza

York, Maine

Partnering with the Maine Turnpike Authority, Sebago Technics worked with Jacobs Engineering on the engineering, natural resources identification, and permitting process for a new High Speed Toll Plaza to be constructed in a new location approximately 1 mile north of the existing I-95 toll plaza.

In order to determine the most practical location for the new toll booth, Sebago Technics and Jacobs Engineering were retained to review 5 sites within a 6 mile stretch in York, Maine. A number of factors including environmental impacts, topographic landscape, and noise considerations, were considered for this investigation.

Sebago Technics was responsible for mapping wetlands, streams and vernal pools, and preparing a functional assessment of the wetlands. We utilized backpack GPS capable of decimeter accuracy to flag and locate these protected natural resources. We visited the sites to determine wood frog, spotted and blue-spotted salamander, and fairy shrimp presence and then to classify each vernal pool as significant or non-significant. We were tasked with classifying wetland systems including streams and wetlands of special significance as well as making determinations as to the quality of vernal pool habitats adjacent to the existing highway.

We prepared a Natural Resources Protection Act application for a Tier 3 Wetland Alteration Permit, as well as a Maine General Permit Category 2 with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Total wetland alteration included approximately 1.5 acres.

We also performed a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for the existing toll plaza and administration building to determine potential environmental liabilities associated with redevelopment of the parcel. This was primarily done to determine existing environmental hazards that might be encountered during demolition.

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