Seashore Trolley Museum

Image of the Aerial Lidar data collected from the sUAS

To accurately capture the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine, Sebago Technics utilized High-Definition Laser Scanning, combined with sUAS/Drone Aerial Photogrammetry. The project’s ultimate goal, is to house a collection of historic trolleys, by removing and replacing the old trolley barn with a new and enlarged building to house their trolley collection. This new area will enhance those educational displays and experiences for decades to come.

The information captured on the ground and in the air by Sebago Technics’ Survey-Geomatics Team was used to create a very accurate existing condition plan for the portion of the site that will be impacted during this replacement. The level of detail provided to our 3D Modeling team, enabled them to model and relocate key portions of the existing tracks to accommodate the new location of the larger trolley barn. Having the ability to produce this 3D visual model allows not only our team, but more importantly our clients, to see where their new steel barn would be best located for their future needs.

More information about the project, can be found here.