Town of Rye Municipal Services

Rye, New Hampshire

Sebago Technics provides municipal engineering consulting services to the Town of Rye, New Hampshire and actively maintains an engineering services contract with the Town.

Our contract with the Town began in 2015; however, Stephen Harding, P.E., of our staff, has been the Planning Board Engineer since 1990 and he has continued in that role with Sebago Technics. Steve’s long tenure with the Town is a testament to the quality of his work and his ability to effectively communicate to meet the needs of the Town of Rye. The services we primarily provide include conducting site engineering peer review of engineering plans and studies that have been submitted to support applications for projects under Planning Board consideration.

Once these projects have been approved and are being actively constructed, Sebago Technics, in its role as Planning Board Engineer, leads the Town’s construction oversight efforts. Sebago Technics provides construction administrative services to set and periodically approve the release of performance guarantee amounts, act as a liaison between the development/construction team and various departments within the Town Staff, and conduct inspections for compliance with the Planning Board approvals and Town Regulations as well as provide support to the Town in meeting its MS4 designation’s construction-related obligations.

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