Maine Correctional Center

Maine Correctional Center

The State of Maine Correctional Center is a medium/minimum security facility located in the town of Windham, Maine. The facility houses approximately 650 men and women in medium security and approximately 96 women in a minimum custody facility. Two of the buildings in the large multi-building complex were in need of some renovation since its establishment in 1919.

The architectural office SMRT was in charge of the redesign and looked to Sebago Technics to develop existing condition plans for both the site and the two buildings in question. Due to the size of the facility, the data acquisition required to create the plans would have taken several weeks of field time using traditional methods. At a correctional facility that means equipment checks, background checks, clearance, escort, and a large amount of shutdown time. Instead, Sebago used High-Density Scanning technology to capture the entire site, as well as the two buildings interiors in approximately 7 days. These point clouds were used in the development of the existing conditions for the site, and two as-built 3D models for use by the architects in their redesign process.

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