Employee-Owner Spotlight | Nathaniel Hart | Survey Technician

We’re thrilled to welcome Nathaniel Hart to the Sebago Technics team as our newest Survey Technician! Nate is a Bridgton, Maine resident and Marywood University graduate. He brings a unique experience from the recreation and airline industries, along with his impressive credentials as a licensed commercial pilot. Nate will be splitting his time between our Bridgton and South Portland offices, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to every project. Join us in giving Nate a warm welcome to the Sebago Technics team!

Where did you grow up and what other places have you lived in throughout your life?

I grew up in Fryeburg, ME.  My family moved there in 2000 from Connecticut (where I was born) and lived in the area for most of my life.  My parents still live in the home I grew up in.

What three traits define you? 

  1. Humorous. I like to laugh and make others laugh too. 
  2. Curious. I’m constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge, from random facts about something I may have read or heard that day to learning about philosophies and cultures to psychology. 
  3. Quiet. I could spend the whole day in silence.  I don’t say much unless it’s worth saying. 

What was your very first job, and what did you learn from it?

When I was 12 or 13, I did various yard work for a family friend of ours (painting, weeding the garden, etc.).  I learned it’s amazing someone would trust a 13-year-old to work on their house.

What is your favorite part of the type of work that you do?

Being outside in the Maine landscape.  Even though I’ve grown up in it it’s still awe inspiring.

What are your hobbies outside the office?

Reading – I was never an avid reader until part way through college.  Now I’m a reading fiend and currently reading through Lord of the Rings for the first time.  Watching, studying, and making movies is a big passion of mine.  Spent a lot of my childhood making short films with family and friends, some I still create today with my brother.   

Favorite thing to do in Maine?

Spending time on the lakes around the greater Fryeburg area.  Its one of the most picturesque ways to view this state.  Hiking and spending time on the coast are among other past times in Maine.

Top three life highlights?

From the ages of 8 to 18 I attended a karate class and the summer before I left for college, I obtained a black belt (the style was called GoJu Ryu which means Hard and Soft way).  Piloting an airplane alone for the first time (it’s a huge milestone in any pilot’s career).  And graduating college. The last few months of my schooling was spent finishing up flight training which caused me to miss my graduation march (which is okay, who wants to sit in a hot building for 3hrs just to hear your name for 5 seconds?).  The last stretch was very arduous but my drive on the highway from the airport with my commercial pilot’s license in hand was the best graduation march anyone could ask for.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

Owl.  For one thing they’re quiet, another is being able to fly.  Who wouldn’t want that ability to go from sitting on a branch to flying hundreds of feet into the air on a whim?!

Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

Greece.  The history and culture are fascinating.

Favorite Holiday and why?

Halloween.  I like all things spooky and am interested in the paranormal.

What is the best concert you attended?

Either Motown on Broadway or seeing Marc Rebillet in Portland.  He’s an artist who makes up his own music using sound looping machines and various other synthesizers; a very creative, talented, and entertaining musician.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.  

My sister did some research on our family ancestry.  She traced some lineage back to Quebec City in Canada and found one of our ancestors may have been around for the original founding of the City.  To what capacity they played we do not know.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family?

Sitting around a camp fire.

When you think about working at Sebago Technics, what makes you proudest or most excited?

Land Surveying is an abundant and rich profession with libraries of accumulated knowledge.  From ancient to modern.  Unpacking all of that as one who is new to the field is fascinating.  Also, you can’t beat being able to work surrounded by the Maine landscape, best office ever.

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